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Tech4Africa Coming to Cape Town, SA this August

Bringing together everyone in tech fields to learn, interact and have fun, the new version for Tech4Africa now in its fifth year will be running the first Cape Town event on 28 August 2014.

The annual Tech4Africa focuses on deep technical workshops and sessions for practitioners, and then engaging talks which impart knowledge, perspective, African context and inspiration.

Tech4Africa’s places high emphasis on learning, interaction, engagement and discussion. Thus, organisers concur that they want Tech4Africa to be a place for new ideas and to encourage people to make and change things.

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“We were skeptical of bringing Tech4Africa to Cape Town, but after watching the clear growth of the industry in the Cape, we felt that in keeping with our own Lean/MVP approach to Tech4Africa we would kick off a Cape Town event this year,” said Gareth Knight, Founder of Tech4Africa, “There are so many great new things coming out of the Cape, it’s going to be great to hear the stories that emerge.”

This year’s event Cape Town will be showcasing over 20 speakers, in four rooms, running sessions concurrently every hour. Topics to be covered: Community and Activism, Content and Distribution, Design and Development, DIY Hacker and Maker, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurialism and Business, Growing into Emerging Markets, Health and Medicine, Impart wisdom, Mobile and Emerging Markets, Talk about success or failure in a positive way, WTF and Beyond.

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There will also be an IBM SmartCamp running on the same day, and startups are strongly encouraged to attend in order to benefit from the mentoring on offer.

Tech4Africa Cape Town will take place at the Old Mutual Conference Centre, Pinelands in Cape Town, on the 28th of August. For details, check out Tech4Africa on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email newsletters for updates over the coming weeks.

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