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Big Names Launch 100,000 Microjobs on M4JAM

Microjobbing platform M4JAM has strategically allied itself with top South African companies to create more than 100,000 microjobs to jobseekers.

Short for money for jam, M4JAM is partnering with Telesure, 1Life and TomTom. It is a digitally enabled microjobbing platform hosted on WeChat. It permits companies to distribute easy microjobs to many ‘jobbers’ across the country and pays them through MTN Mobile Money and M4JAM.

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M4JAM said it will launch with jobs from Telesure’s Hippo, MyLawyer, Jenus Health, 1Life Direct, Here Maps and TomTom and about 20,000 fun jobs from M4JAM and WeChat where fresh jobbers will do easy tasks and make R15 a time, as they master how to use the platform. Individuals who choose to inform their friends about it on social media stand to earn an additional R5 each.

Warren Venter, M4JAM ‘Chief Jammer’ and co-founder, said: “Big name brands are displaying great enthusiasm for M4JAM’s cost effectiveness, and more essentially its ability to provide personal interaction with jobbers on the back of a ‘warm referral.’

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“Every client company places a minimum of 1000 jobs on the system each time and our jobbers can make between R15 and R30 per job.”

Venter anticipates high interest levels in microjobbing from smartphone owners who look to supplement their incomes, such as pensioners, stay-at-home parents and students. M4JAM expects to have about 200,000 jobbers registered by the end of the first month, as information for the microjobbing service goes viral.

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“The microjobs are easy and usually take merely a few minutes to complete. Jobs for the Telesure stable include completing short surveys, and other jobs for well know FMCG companies involved paying mystery shopper to visit their stores, where jobbers answer questions relative to in store customer service.

“For TomTom, jobbers will be required to confirm a point of interest on a map. Their GPS coordinates will verify that they are in the correct place, then they will be asked to take a picture of the premises and fill in certain data – such as a street address, company name or URL,” stated Venter.

Etienne Louw, General Manager at TomTom Africa, said: “TomTom is excited about the potential M4JAM’s model holds for adding value to its datasets. It is looking forward to unlocking the potential of the M4JAM mobile community to enrich and uphold our mapping data in Africa.”

M4JAM will be launched on August, 11 2014.

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