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Standard Bank introduces advanced apps in SA

Standard Bank has announced large banking application updates for smartphones. The app includes the Standard Bank ID, which was brought in with the bank’s tablet app in March.

mobile banking app

“Once a unique login is created by users, they can make use of this throughout all their devices,” the bank said.

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The bank further stated: “If you have downloaded the tablet app, all your data will be accessible on the new app for your smartphone, which gives you a smooth experience throughout your tablet and phone.”

The banking app enables customers to access both their business and personal accounts. Users can also personalize the app, which includes creating their own descriptive names for their accounts and dashboards.

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According to the bank, customers can make savings goals as well as use an “Impulse Save” feature that permits them to save any amount at any time by a single tap.

“Initially, the new app is accessible for Android and iOS devices though plans are underway to release the app on more phone platforms based on client demand. The existing Windows Phone and BlackBerry apps will proceed to cater for users on those platforms though new versions are not at the moment being released.

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“The iPhone version will be accessible in the Apple App Store as an upgrade of the current Standard Bank mobile banking app. Additionally, the new Android version is accessible within the Google Play Store and won’t replace the current app automatically,” the bank stated.

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