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How Vodacom LTE Expansion Will Benefit SMEs

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Entrepreneurs in African Countries like South Africa using Vodacom services are set to benefit as Vodacom Business has extended its long term evolution set to cater for small businesses with Vodacom Broadband Connect LTE.

According to Ermano Quartero Managing Executive of Products and Services at Vodacom Business, To thrive in today’s competitive environment, businesses need to be scalable, connected and responsive. “Broadband Connect LTE enables small businesses to be Ready Businesses by providing high quality broadband connectivity to increase workforce productivity, improve customer relationships and support collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and partners – the core tenets of a Ready Business,” he said.

The number of entrepreneurs and SMEs has been increasing, in many developing countries. In terms of how it would benefit entrepreneurs, the service is expected to support companies having up to four employees by providing affordable access to high speed connectivity in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

This newly improved Vodacom Broadband Connect LTE is available on various Monthly Allowance Options as either a 12-month or 24-month contract. This Broadband Connect LTE comes as a fixed wireless broadband technology designed to deliver internet access via a Wi-Fi router to personal computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones at speeds up to three times faster than 3G.

The Broadband Connect LTE small help small businesses to benefit from a much stronger and secure network that allows for greater up time, claim experts. More so, it’s advantage is that it bypasses some of the traditional issues presented by ADSL such as cable theft and signal affected by harsh weather conditions.

According to Quartero, the Broadband’s higher speeds of up to 9Mbps and lower latency would mean a more stable user experience, of which would benefit entrepreneurs in SMEs.

For SMEs, Broadband Connect LTE provides affordable internet access from which value added services, such as cloud computing, can bring real business value at an attractive price. It also provides the capability for seamless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which results in up to a 30 per cent saving on telephone calls.

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