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Safaricom & Onfon Media Unveil Name Tunes on Skiza Platform

by Sam Wakoba
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safaricom-logoVAS provider, Onfon Media has partnered with Safaricom to launch a ring back tone service offering pre-recorded vocal definition of names, with a musical background tune to the subscribers.

Dubbed Name Tunes, the service targets to inform, inspire and entertain callers while their call is on queue to be picked up by their intended recipient and is available to all subscribers.

The subscriber is able to select as many names as they can from a database that has rich content of over 50,000 well researched on names, both local and international.

It works by way of customer subscribing to the Name Tune through the Skiza platform. Once a caller calls e.g. Peter, they will be entertained by a tune that accompanies the name and meaning of Mary as they wait for Mary’s response.

This service is an enrichment from the audio sound that a caller hears once the call has gone through which is a typical ring back tone that has been used in the past. It is more personalized, self expressing, interesting, entertaining and unique as it is the recipient’s name that is used.

To access the service, a subscriber simply dials *811#. A menu is presented in text and the subscriber should select the option for My Name Tunes where they get the que ‘enter your name’. The subscriber gets a confirmation message for successful subscription. Subscribers can also gift the name tunes to a friend as the platform provides the option making it an awareness tool even to other potential subscribers.

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