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Skype’s new feature makes chatting less noisy

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Skype has unveiled a new feature dubbed “active endpoints” which changes the way chat notifications function. The app has been designed in such a manner that it prevents users from getting annoyed because of constant buzzes and beeps.

According to Skype, the new smart notifications will rather only be sent to the device you are using at the moment whereas your other devices including smartphones, PCs and tablets will stay silent. The new feature is merely focused on chat notifications and not phone calls because you may need to answer a call on a different gadget such as a phone.

“This procedure will go on until you stop using Skype actively on a device. At this point, each of your devices will again get notifications therefore; you will not miss out anything essential.

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“Transforming to smart notifications will only happen when you begin responding to Skype notifications. In the mean time the chat history will proceed to sync throughout the devices,” Skype stated.

The company further mentioned that active endpoints will roll out within the next few weeks and will need users to run on their devices the latest Skype version.

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