CEO Weekends: Wants You To Enjoy Shopping With Them


lookingfor is celebrating its  second month in the online buisness and is working to make you shopping experience as easy as it can possibly be. The online portal will be having new features to enhacne your shopping experience; they will be having features like

·         Sharing Requests – When looking for that “special” thing, lookingfor is very quick to post about it online. That’s not actually a bad thing but sometimes the people closest to us don’t even know that we are searching for something.

“From today, LookingFor is integrating with Facebook. That means every time you post a request, your friends will see it straight up on your wall!,” they say in their blog.

·         Shop fast, from 40 businesses…and counting!

“We know you may have posted about your request but it wasn’t successfully met by a business? Well, our sales wizards have been working nonstop behind the curtains to make sure next time, businesses respond faster to your searches.We are happy to announce that we have more than 40 businesses using LookingFor now! And we are busy adding more faster than we can count them,” says lookingfor.

For more about the shopping experience visit today.