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Lamudi Uganda partners Zion Estates for Star city

Online real estate market place Lamudi Uganda has partnered with Zion Estates for a satellite city known as Satr City in Matuga Mbugu that will feature own shopping mall, commercial area and taxi park.

 To be completed by next year, the city will sit on a 900 acre plot of land, Zion estates will provide the amenities for tenants in order to alleviate the need for them to go all the way to central business district to cater for their needs. This is a new trend in Uganda to have cities within a city.

Shakib, Country Manager of Lamudi Uganda commented, “We’re glad to have had the opportunity to be a part of this ground breaking venture and cannot wait to help Zion estates get potential clients especially through our portal. We are looking to build stronger partnerships with established developers like Zion estates that are at the forefront in shaping the future of the country’s real estate market.”

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lamudiThe sales and marketing manager at Zion Estates, Ms. Kaaya, has expressed that the intention with this ambitious project is convenience, in that they’re attempting to make available the standards of living and services on offer in the centre of town without the concerns over distance. Zion estate is the first real estate agency to provide such a comprehensive service. They plan to develop and manage the land even after the whole project is done to make sure the layout matches the plan

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