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10 Security Solutions for Small Businesses


In today’s world when everything runs on the internet, it is a matter of huge importance to secure your business online. Regardless of the magnitude of your online presence, you must use the appropriate solutions to make sure that your business is safe from hackers and that your online customers are protected by your security measures. You run a risk of cyber attack if you do not secure your online infrastructure with a good quality security system.

Although it is always large businesses that are highlighted in case of cyber attacks, small businesses are just as susceptible and can be just as much of a target of cyber criminals. As a matter of fact, the small businesses are more likely to be hacked due to their lack of resources and adequate protection, which makes attacks relatively easier. Contrary to the popular belief, securing your small business should not have to break a hole into your pockets. Here is the list of pocket friendly cyber security solutions to help you safeguard your business.

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Passwords are the most basic and first very important layer of security that one adds to their business. However, many of us do the mistake of using ridiculously easy passwords that are easy to guess and are a child’s play to hack into. uses is a random password generator that creates a strong password which can be as long as 24 characters and uses a combination of alphanumeric, case sensitive characters. You can add your own element to it and create a super strong password.

- Ad- is powered by National Cyber Security Alliance that protects the interests of the owners, employees and even the customers from a potential cyber attack. You can also protect your data from online theft and any other kind of loss. The small businesses have the opportunity to implement and monitor their cyber security along with the ability to report the attack to responsible authorities in order to recoup any loss of data.

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FCC Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0

The Federal Communication Commission’s Small Biz Cyber Planner will help the small businesses get all the information regarding their business interests in terms of cyber security. The planner will also help in generating a customized plan automatically that includes the expert advice. The areas that are covered include data privacy, fraud, scam, network security, email, security, ideal antivirus software for the protection of data and any other important information.

Bitdefender Small Office Security

Bitdefender Small Office Security offers a complete office security solution to its small business clients. It includes protection of equipment, data privacy, antispyware, firewall etc. There is also additional support offered for email filtering, data recovery in case of loss of information, email scanning among other things.


This tool is freely available and helps in protecting your website against malicious attacks. It provides protection against the SQL injections and DoS (Denial of Service) attacks that result in shutting down of the website. CloudFlare not only detects potential attacks but also reports it to you for your record and information. It will also review the visitors that visit your site by assessing their legitimacy. The users have the freedom to choose the level of security by setting up firewalls and also enable S

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