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Kenyan ICT firms cautioned over new fund

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Kenya’s Information Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has cautioned players within the ICT and broadcasting business to send dues owed to the USF (Universal Service Fund) to avoid being penalized by the regulator.

Speaking at Radio Africa Group’s office in Nairobi, the CS accused the players who opposed the plan as being insincere because they wasted several opportunities to participate in drafting of the law as well as having an input within the selection of the Universal Services Advisory Council.

“Unless the players send 0.5 percent of their yearly revenue to the Universal Services Fund that was established in 2009 to extend infrastructure in remote areas, they will face indefinite penalties. I hope players within the sector did not waste a lot of time on conflict,” stated Matiang’i.

Matiang’i cautioned the players that are yet to send their money to USF that the regulator may be forced to raise its powers to force them to do so since the deductions are backed up by law. In July, he gave the players up to end of August to make the payments.

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