Kenya’s Chamasoft announced winner at Evernote Platform Awards in California

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Evernote has announced Chamasoft as the most worthy winner of the first ever African Innovation Award, which is part of the Evernote Platform Awards launched in May and organized in collaboration with the African Technology Foundation.

The annual Evernote Platform Awards, which celebrates the best software apps that connect to Evernote from across the world, selected Chamasoft at Evernote headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.

According to Chris Traganos, Evernote’s Director of Developer Relations, Evernote is excited to show its community Chamasoft’s financial tools for community-based savings.

“Chamasoft will pitch live on stage during the Evernote Conference, EC4, in San Francisco, and we are expecting to welcome them to California. We also look forward to work closely with all teams and support them as we promote African startups in the Evernote App Center to a worldwide audience,” added Traganos.

Evernote representatives together with the African Technology Foundation visited Nairobi, Lagos and Cape Town in July this year, where they held a series of Platform Awards events. Start-up firms from across the region were then invited to give the judging panel their application.

The top three finalists, which include OurHood from South Africa, Prowork from Nigeria and Chamasoft from Kenya were afterwards presented to the judging panel who crowned Chamasoft the winner.

Chamasoft enables groups, referred to in Swahili as ‘Chamas’, monitor investment and collection of funds as well as track group income and expenditure. Chama members are also able to use the cloud-based software to view group accounts on a dashboard such as how much they contributed throughout their chama lifetime, their group statements and all other financials related to the group and members.

On the other hand, Evernote, which was established in 2008, is the workspace that aids teams and individuals write, gather, find and present everything that is essential to them in their everyday lives. It is six years into its journey to becoming a 100-year startup.