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Zambia’s Ruling Party Rigs Elections by Shutting down Mobile Phones and Internet

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As part of electoral rigging, officers from Zambia’s ruling party PF (Patriotic Front) working within ZICTA will close down as well as cut down internet data and mobile phone service in five constituencies, according to a source close to the intelligence wings.

The source further mentioned that the phone service disruption would occur in Mkushi South, Solwezi Central, Kasenengwa, Vubwi and Zambezi West as PF teams attempt to import from 500 to 1000 pre-marked ballots in each constituency. This will help prevent opposition parties and observers from reporting the rigging exercise since some places will have no coverage while others will only have decreased coverage.

The OP’s (Office of the President) move to rig the five elections aggressively comes as a direct order from President Michael Sata, putting pressure on Edgar Lungu, the new PF Secretary General to deliver the vote.

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“President Michael Sata is determined to prevent Kakoma and Mulusa from returning to parliament. According to his H.E they are corrupt without any further clarification and requested that they be defeated at all cost,” stated the source.

There are also reports that the PF plans to purchase votes massively, distributing over US$250, 000 provided by Rajan Mahtani, the chairman of Finance Bank as well as an extra US$75,000 from party coffers.

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According to the source, Mrs Nkonde was in Solwezi Central at Moba Guest house giving money to people going to vote at a close polling station while Mr. Kapamba, former Solwezi Mayor situated himself a few meters from Kyawama market also buying votes.

“The final technique used in the rigging the elections is tampering with electronic voting results,” noted the source.

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The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) suddenly announced a last minute decision to introduce an electronic voting system in the Vubwi and Kasenengwa election results in Eastern Province, which has been strongly criticized by the opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

PF has contracted the Israeli technology firm NIKUV International Projects Ltd., which has gained a reputation for allegedly organizing massive rigging exercises in Zimbabwe, according to the source.

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