Home Business Wiko Mobile identifies Nigeria, Kenya as entry points into Africa

Wiko Mobile identifies Nigeria, Kenya as entry points into Africa


wiko-cink-slim-accueilNigeria and Kenya which are both viewed as tech hubs in Africa have been chosen as French smartphone manufacturer Wiko mobile to be its entry points in Africa this September.

The decision to enter the smartphone market is expected to have Africa experience innovative products that have been largely responsible for its success in Europe in addition to the company needing to boost its sales.

“We are excited about entering our new markets like Nigeria, Kenya and Poland,…and are confident of repeating our success story in these markets,” said David Garcia, Wiko’s head of international development.

Launched just three years ago, Wiko Mobile has become France’s second-largest selling smartphone, riding on the back of its delivery of style and quality at the best price, offering Android’s latest operating system KitKat 4.4 in its new range of phones.

.“There is a European brain and atmosphere that would not be possible if we were based in China,” he said, adding, “You need to be based in Europe to understand European needs. You can think in Europe but you have to make it somewhere else. You need your costs in China to stay competitive.”

Wiko phone opens an outlet in Kenya this Wednesday