WAPA Announces New Leadership


Ellie Hagopian - WAPA Chairperson


The Wireless Access Providers’ Association (WAPA) had  its Annual General Meeting in Johanesburg and their main agenda was to promote the growth of the wireless industry by facilitating self-regulation, promoting best practices, and educating both members and the market about new wireless technologies and business models.

In the same meeting the WAPA Management Committee for 2014/2015 was votes, names that were mentioned and elected included:-

  • Ian Anderson
  • Paul Colmer
  • Mark Day
  • Gert du Toit
  • Ellie Hagopian
  • Arno Hart
  • Jens Langenhorst
  • Kerry Simpson

Ellie Hagopian has been elected as the WAPA Chairperson, with Jens Langenhorst as Deputy Chairperson, and Ian Anderson as Treasurer.

WAPA would like to thank the outgoing Committee members – Ziggy Heuer, Mohammad Patel and Jabulani Vilakazi – for their contribution to WAPA. A huge thanks to Mohammad Patel, who has served on the Committee since 2012, for two years as Deputy Chair and as Chairperson in the last term.

The incoming Committee will continue to focus on spectrum and regulatory policy to enable innovation and the promotion of fair competition, business development opportunities for members, promotion of technical and business best practices, and collaboration with other industry groups of shared aims.