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Ordio Wants to be the Reverbnation for Ghana & Beyond

by Sam Wakoba
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ordioGhana’s Ordio, a music aggregator and crowdfunding app for supporting and following music artistes is set to launch to revolutionize Ghana’s music industry and help existing and upcoming music artistes connect directly t their fans, producers, clients among others in the industry.

Set to launch in 2 days, the platform aims to help artists, producers and music industry stakeholders to market their products to a huge following than just social media as followers identiy with their works. Artists can also use the platform to raise funding for their projects-singles, albums or videos from friends via crowd funding.

The app also gives fans a chance to participate in building their favourite artists by funding them and by knowing their upcoming albums or projects and news in real time fromthe artists themselves. Apart from updating their fans on what they are working on, artists can also use the platform to promote or sell their music directly to their fans.
O0oikiAccording to Joseph Kiipo and Ronald Tagoe, the founders, the music oriented crowd-funding platform allows artists to organize their music in one place, connect with their fans, market their albums and events and tell fans of upcoming launch and concert. The artists can also see fans who are most contributing to their music projects and or attending their launches or shows among others. The platform can also help fans contact their favourite artists minus middle-men.

Ordio is not launching in a vacuum. Sanannah Fund backed BiGxGh is a top Ghanaian music community with influential Ghanaian musicians and songs both in audio and video plus news. It has the music, the artists, the events and the fans who play the music online. We will love to see how the two serve and share the market.

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