Is the mobile device industry saturated , what next?

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SAMSUNG, LG, HTC , HUAWEI, NOKIA, TECNO,  APPLE  et’al have hit the ceiling on what  new feature they can offer the current mobile device seeker.

We are back to 2007 again. Where these device manufacturer were competing on the same axis, Build better camera with more mega pixels against bigger memory. When you get to this point you can only compete on the basis of price alone and frankly the cheaper one will win. Read Xiaomi, Techno , Ideos and now Samsung galaxy mini.

We are now competing on the axis of screen size and performance and while I can easily tell the  upgrade in features  of Samsung S5 from the S4 most consumers can’t because they are  more functional /performance than visual upgrades. Customer buy based on what they can see or feel. There is value in seeing.

courtesy of onbile
courtesy of onbile

Back in 2007 the industry was stuck in the same loop until Apple changed the competitive scale. While all manufactures were competing on the same axis (better camera against bigger memory), Apple built their own axis, think 3D Cartesian plane , the third axis being  the touch technology.They offered a device with inferior camera and memory but with a new experience and it hit the market hard, its like what people had been waiting for.

photo courtesy of engadget
photo courtesy of engadget

2014, Someone should create a new axis otherwise Xiaomi and other cheap devices manufacturers  will be eating their lunch.

PS wearables isn’t the axis.

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