Nigeria’s Contactly Wants to be the Dropbox for Contacts Globally



Nigeria’s Contactly is a mobile app that allows users to share their contact details securely with people they meet by creating a creating a profile giving on the app that gives them a personalized ID linked to all their contact information plus social network profiles.

The Contactly ID gives users up-to-date contacts no matter the time and location and or on whatever device.

Founded by Morrison Laju, a Computer Science Student at Federal University of Technology Minna and Stanley Ojadovwa who worked as community manager, Co-Creation Hub Nigeria, Contactly promises that you will never lose your contacts again.

“Users will therefore stay up-to-date with contacts’ ever-changing contact information.You will never lose your contacts. Get all your contacts back when you lose, damage or upgrade your phone,” the guys say. “Contactly, when fully realized, will be a multi-platform address book utility. It is our intention that Contactly becomes something of a ubiquitous utility – the kind of tool that you use frequently to manage your complex network of contacts data.”

942769_231366127019783_2106129242_nContactly will also help users get their contacts on their mobile phones or SMS and users can even make a skype call or even email that contact. Users can also simply login to Contactly from their browser and access the list of contacts they have added.