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Here are the 7 African Startups that Took Home Microsoft’s Innovation Grant

by Sam Wakoba
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 Microsoft in ChinaMicrosoft Corp Microsoft 4Afrika Advisory Council has announced seven startups as beneficiaries to ites innovation grants under the 4Afrika innovation grant programme.

This year, seven startups were named grantees, up from five startups selected at the beginning of 2014. According to Microsoft, each innovation grant winner will receive financial endowment and access to Microsoft platforms plus one-on-one mentorship.  To ensure the scalability of these startups, Microsoft will also connect grant winners with relevant partners to enable them commercialize their solutions.

The following startups have been selected:

Ukall (Kenya) – Ukall is an ICT company that automates business processes, allowing companies and businesses to run more efficiently. Their mobile application ‘Akida’ addresses the challenges of staff attendance verification.

Cojengo (East Africa) – Based on the Swahili word ‘Kujenga’, Cojengo creates mobile and cloud solutions that address animal and human health issues. Their ‘VetAfrica’ app helps farmers diagnose livestock disease and share disease surveillance data.

MobiPay (Kenya) – MobiPay facilitates commerce and trade through mobile devices in the SME, agricultural and remittance sectors. Their AgriLife solution helps farmers access market opportunities, receive financing and get information on how best to grow, manage and market their produce.

iTaxi (Morocco) – iTaxi is a mobile application that lets users book, track and rate taxis within Morocco. The app uses geo-location technology, allowing users to send their location and transport details to available taxi drivers in the area and track their progress.

AfNov (Rwanda) – AfNov is a software development company. Their mobile application ‘Ikaye y’umudugudu’ allows users to report their community challenges and conflicts to government. In addition, users can track development and progress within government institutions, ensuring accountability and enhanced development.

BookNow (Kenya) – BookNow is a mobile system that allows Kenyan’s to buy bus tickets online, providing secure mobile money and card payment options and enabling customers to avoid long queues.

MMindzs (Uganda) – MMindzs offers mobile payment solutions for businesses and SMEs, allowing them to manage and keep track of their business transactions from anywhere.


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