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New Technology to Modernize Road Transport Sector

by Sam Wakoba
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ntsaPress Release: The National Transport & Safety Authority (NTSA) and ICT Authority (ICTA) signed a 4 year contract on 22nd September 2014, which will help improve efficiency in the monitoring and reduction of traffic violations in the road transport sector. The project is set to kick off on 29th September 2014 and is worth approximately $7 million.

The new system that is dubbed Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) is funded by World Bank through the Kenya Transparency and Communication Infrastructure Project (KTCIP). The system relies on Internet and Mobile technology to carry out operations aimed at modernizing the transport sector.

After completion, the key delivery areas of this project will include an Intelligent Traffic Management System that will assist the police to determine the validity of a driving license as well as provision of a platform for citizens to renew their documents through SMS.

Copy Cat Ltd and Sims Sift Technologies from China are the project contractors.

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