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Cheetah Fund to Invest €400,000 into Great African Impact Projects

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Finding pure clean water in Somaliland is not an easy task but Doburo Somaliland, a water company that sells clean and affordable water packaged in jerrycan aims to solve this task on its own rather than wait for the government or NGO’S.

Targeting Somali’s poor and middle class, the firm says it wants to provide clean water in jerrycan on a sustainable and affordable way by using state of the art filtering system  whih makes it possible to produce 100% clean water as cheap as 0.01 dollar per liter. Doburo Somaliland joined the Cheetah Fund crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to give everyone in Somali water. The firm has now raised 15177 Euros and the Cheetah Fund will back up the rest.

The 1% Club in conjunction with Nailab, mLab, iBiz and iHub will on the on the 9th and 10th October hold a crowd-funding bootcamp dubbed the Cheetah Fund to help suport local entreprenuers to build successful businesses.

The 400,000 Euro Fund is targeting primarily social & environmental impact driven projects across Africa and will train interested participants to raise at least 30% of their targeted crowd-funding amount in 30 days then top up the rest. The 30% in 30 days will seperae men from boys as those who manage to raise the 30% are not only eager to get their project off the ground but can also motivate others to support their campaign.

The two-day event will involve sessions in areas such as social media, pitching, story telling, communication among others-skills needed to crowd-fund.

According to Cheetah Fund, “There are many African pioneers who have great ideas to change the world. An idea that creates social or environmental impact… An idea that leads to a cleaner, safer or friendlier world. These changemakers have a fresh perspective and are eager to contribute to a better world. We call them the ‘CHEETAHS’ of this world. They have the drive and like to go off the beaten path. What they often don’t have is the financial means to achieve this.”

The Cheetah Fund of €400,000 will be given to 100 founders or project teams as seed money to kick-start or boost their world changing projects and ignite a wave of social change throughout Africa.

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