IBM Watson technology to be implemented at SA’s Metropolitan Health



The technology that was launched a few months ago assists users to makes sense of huge data through its cognitive technology. For some IBM Watson is a “thinking” computer.

IBM has announced that it is accelerating its growth across the world in various organizations, including South Africa’s Metropolitan Health, making it the first implementation in the African continent.

“Watson is bringing forward a new era of computing, enabling organizations around the globe to launch new businesses, redefine markets and transform industries,” Mike Rhodin, Senior Vice President, IBM Watson Group said.

“Watson is fuelling a new market and ecosystem of clients, partners, developers, venture capitalists, universities and students. The next great innovations will come from people who are able to make connections that others don’t see and Watson is making possible.”

“In the first commercial application of Watson on the African continent, Metropolitan Health is using Watson to transform customer health advisory services for its three million customers,” IBM announced.

Metropolitan Health will provide personalized, outcome-based health and wellness services to citizens across South Africa. Using IBM’s Watson Engagement Advisor, the cognitive computing technology will help Metropolitan Health’s client care agents analyze the typically large volumes of complex unstructured and structured data, including product information and member profiles, so they can identify connections between customers’ needs and the growing volume of health and lifestyle knowledge, the company said.

Watson helps these agents weigh various options available to members, enabling more effective decision-making and driving better health outcomes.