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SAP Africa certified as one of the Top Employers in Africa 2015

by Sam Wakoba
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SAP MD, East Africa, Andrew Waititu

SAP MD, East Africa, Andrew Waititu

Press Release:SAP Africa has been certified for its outstanding employee conditions. Independent research by the Top Employers Institute shows the company values and looks after its people exceptionally well. SAP Africa has achieved the exclusive Top Employers Africa 2015 certification and ranked number six amongst top employers for showcasing its dedication to the development of their people.

The annual international research undertaken by the Top Employers Institute recognises leading employers around the world: those that provide excellent employee conditions nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organisation, and which strive to continuously optimise employment practices. SAP Africa is one of the select companies to achieve the exclusive Top Employers Africa 2015 certification. The company has been certified in various countries in Africa and is awarded both the Africa Continental and country specific Certifications for Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

The Top Employers Institute globally certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people. It has just announced the overall results of this year’s research into the employee conditions of significant employers in the region. “SAP Africa is delighted to be part of the exclusive and internationally renowned community of Top Employers in Africa of which nine out of ten runs an SAP solution to manage their own organisational human resources processes”.

“I am proud to be working for a Top Employer organisation such as SAP because of its constant investment in talent development, especially young talent. As a young person, this is important because it give us employees the opportunity to influence people’s thinking and company’s future business choices through our innovative approach to solving everyday’ s challenges. SAP has great benefits, rewards for employees and an exciting environment that is flexible and encourages a balance between working hard and playing hard, this is what I like the most” says Mariam Morienyane, Inside Sales Executive at SAP Africa

“Being certified as a Top Employer reinforces SAP’s key messages that we are passionate about our people, we invest heavily in the development of our people and we provide a conducive environment where employees can be innovative, perform optimally, maximise their potential and have fulfilling careers. Being certified as a Top Employer means we recruit, develop and retain the best people” says Jeanett Modise, Human Resources Director at SAP Africa

Crucial to the Top Employers process is that participating companies must meet the required high standard in the research in order to achieve the certification. Only organisations that achieve certification in at least four countries within the region deserve the special Top Employers Africa 2015 recognition. The independent research has verified their outstanding employee conditions in all certified countries. This earned SAP Africa a coveted spot among a choice group of certified Top Employers in Africa.

The Top Employers Institute assessed SAP Africa’s employee offerings on the following criteria:

·            Talent Strategy

·            Workforce Planning

·            On-boarding

·            Learning & Development

·            Performance Management

·            Leadership Development

·            Career & Succession Management

·            Compensation & Benefits

·            Culture

“SAP is a dynamic organisation with powerful and innovative solutions that are developed by our own people to address diverse business challenges and needs. This means our people are right at the heart of our business strategy to ensure that we deliver good business value to our customers. Therefore people development, reward and recognition forms part of SAP business strategy, this makes SAP an outstanding employer” concludes Modise.

Judith Oude Sogtoen, Director of International Business Development for the Top Employers Institute: “Our extensive research concluded that SAP Africa forms part of a select group of employers that advance employee conditions worldwide. Their people are well taken care of. Now that they have received the Top Employers Africa 2015 certification, they can truly consider themselves at the top of an exclusive group of the world’s best employers, a reason to celebrate”


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