Could this gadget protect you from Ebola?



The hemorrhagic fever, Ebola, has caught the headlines recently and caused worry in Africa where it is strongly felt to the United States where there are cases of medical officials being infected.

A new gadget named HealthySole is said to be a non chemical based disinfectant for the sole of shoes.  The transportation of bacteria and viruses can be through the sole of shoes. The product was developed by the Nevada (US) company and has been clinically tested and found to be 99 percent effective in killing germs.

“With news reports of quickly-spreading Ebola and Enterovirus outbreaks, public peace of mind is at an all-time low,” HealthySole CEO, Robert Kassel said.

“Everyone is searching for solutions to safeguard their families and friends. We’ve come up with a line of defense that can help prevent contamination in homes and businesses from not only life-threatening diseases, but also from the common bacteria and germs we walk on every day.”

The gadget can be put at the door step of any home or institution and uses UVC rays to disinfect shoes within 8 seconds.

“The HealthySole system is the first clinically proven UVC germicidal device available to the public, guaranteed to kill up to 99 percent of disease-causing germs that shoes carry throughout households, workplaces and hospitals,” the company said.

Peter Kassel, president of HealthySole said, “The HealthySole System provides an extremely effective line of defense that kills up to 99 percent of harmful germs — destroying them at the DNA level and ensuring your home doesn’t become a breeding ground for these germs.”

The company also claims that it can kill the Ebola virus. There hasn’t been any news of its use in hospitals but as the world gets concerned, technology like this will have to step in.