Liquid Telecom announces US$34m investment for fibre connectivity in Rwanda

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Liquid Telecom has announced its US$34 million investment in Rwanda that will enhance its network and bring FTTH (fibre to the home) in the country.

“We are an ambitious company which is investing heavily in laying new fibre across the nation and direct to people’s doors. We are building a 21st century network which will help our country continue to grow and prosper,” Sam Nkusi, Chairman Liquid Telecom Rwanda, said.

The company says that the FTTH network will be a first in Rwanda and it will start in Kigali where they have already laid a metropolitan fibre ring.

“Homes and businesses in the country have traditionally used a combination of WiMAX, dongles, satellite and mobile broadband but will now be able to connect using fibre laid directly to the premises,” the company said.

“It will offer speeds of up to 100Mbps which, combined with unlimited capacity, will provide home connections comparable to large multinational corporations enabling usage such as high definition video, live TV streaming, uninterrupted VoIP calling, real-time online gaming and both uploading and downloading of large files.”

Liquid Telecom has been successful in a similar project in Zimbabwe. The funds will also be used to enhance fibre connections to borders of neighbouring countries, Burundi, the DRC, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.