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Kenyans to Apply for Driving Licences Online

by Sam Wakoba
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73658ad8315a65e122eda40c791b8632b3107260The Kenyan government has launched several digital or online services in a move to serve more Kenyans, save time, curb corruption and increase service delivery in the public service riddled with bueractratic tendencies.
Recently, the government launched online company, businesses and societies registration which has however not reduced the crowds at the Registrar’s office.
The only problem is most citizens try such services once, fail to add one to one together and say the systems don’t work and word will spread allover that anything systems set up byt government are bogus though most of them are anyway!
However, addressing owners of driving schools in Nairobi, the National Transport and Safety Authority ( NTSA) Director General Francis Meja said driving licences will be applied online from next month and the offline process will be terminated. The announcement comes days after the government launched an e-Citizen government payment portal that will see everyone apply or renew for a driving licence online.
The move is expected to reduce costs, improve public service delivery and curb corruption in government. The move is also expected to minimize document forgery and increase user accountability.
Apart from a driving license, citizens can also apply for Provisional Driving License and book for a driving test.

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