Britam Launches Jawabu to Automate Business Processes



Britam has unveiled  “Jawabu”, an ambitious IT enabled business transformation project designed to deliver the technology capabilities required to deliver the best customer experience.

It is part of the diversified financial services group quest to achieve its strategy for regional and local expansion through IT Business transformation, and to also respond to the growing requirements of its customers.

Jawabu will automate key business processes, reducing time consuming manual tasks and paperwork, increasing efficiency and enhance controls. The new system will provide a single view of the customer, as well as customer intelligence which will allow financial advisors to focus on analysis as opposed to data crunching and eliminate decisions made through “gut feelings” which are not based on tangible facts.

The system will also allow sales people to target their sales efforts and deepen relationships with clients, allow customers to easily access information, and make it easier for them to compute claims.

“Jawabu will transform Britam by delivering world class business processes and State-of-the-art IT systems. It will move the company from being a product centred organization into a customer centric organization, providing customers with first class service,” said Britam Group Managing Director Dr Benson Wairegi.

Speaking during the project launch, Dr.  Wairegi said the IT progarmme would deliver a new era o of convenience through improved business processes, enhanced structures and state of the art system.

Developed in partnership with Oracle, IBM, Fadata, and PwC, among others, the project will be implemented and deployed in three phases. The current phase kicked off in July 2014 and will run until May 2015.

Jawabu has also created a single repository and multi access to customer profiles, centralized receipting, and centralized customer service.