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Nigeria’s RepairAm Wants to Help Repair All Your Faulty Gadgets Faster

by Sam Wakoba
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intro_bkgA Nigerian ICT solutions firm dubbed NerdBevy has launched, an online gadget repair site to make electonic repair less tasking.

RepairAm aims to help users have their damaged electonics such as tablets, laptops, printers, smartphones, game consoles and a lot more picked, repaired and returned just as it is with laundry. The firm says it handles all the properties and especially data confidentially as its senstive. Though the name is similar to the recently launched ReportAm, the two companies are not related.

Ademola Odebode, Co-founder of NerdBevy Limited said, “We have created RepairAm to stimulate and revolutionise the technology market in Nigeria. We have well trained technicians to ensure that customers are provided with exceptional repair experience that will exceed their expectations.”

NerdBevy has been doing similar services for sometime, launching RepairAm will just help it reach out to more clients and as well be bale to attend to as many customers online than on their premises.

Using RepairAm is simple. You click on the “Place An Order” tab and fill in the required details. All the details required will give us all we need to process your order from start to finish. Once we receive your order, your gadget/device would be picked up, repaired and delivered back to you.

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