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Mahindra Comviva accelerates growth in the Digital Music and Payments space in Africa

Image Credit: umassmed.edu
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Image Credit: umassmed.edu
Image Credit: umassmed.edu



Mahindra Comviva is betting big on its digital music and payment solutions in Africa.

The company has revolutionized the digital music industry, by getting on board local and international content providers, copyright bodies, local artists and production houses.

Currently, the company owns the rights to over 400,000 unique music tracks in African, Arabic and international categories, and offers multiple genres including Hip Hop, Pop, Inspirational, Rumba, Hip Life, Football Chants, Gospel, Jazz, Rock, Reggae and Retro in more than 40 local African languages. It also provides text content, documentaries, videos, movie clips, games, and much more. The catalogues have a strong focus on localization & personalization along with supremacy in complete ecosystem management including copyrights management ensuring customer delight.

With over 35 deployments across Africa, Mahindra Comviva’s mobiquity® Money solution aims to bridge the gap between the banked and the unbanked. Between 2012 and 2013, the solution served 174 million customers, or 13 percent of Africa’s population.

Patrick Allainguillaume, Global Market Unit Head, Mahindra Comviva said: “Apart from this, our mobile messaging, internet & broadband solutions and customer value solutions have witnessed huge demand from large operator groups.”

Ambar Sur, Executive Vice President, new product initiative, Mahindra Comviva said: “Consumer needs are constantly evolving, giving rise to the urgent need of a highly robust, secure, scalable and feature rich mobile financial solutions platform that embraces mobile phone as a digital container for holding money and payment instruments – enabling service providers across financial and telecom industry to cater to the diverse financial needs of various consumer segments.”

Atul Madan, Head of Digital Services, Mahindra Comviva said, “We have recorded a phenomenal demand for local digital content in the last few years. In the last 2 years, we have helped grow the content consumption more than 8-10 times. We are confident that our unequivocal leadership in content aggregation will bring immense value addition to our valued partners in Africa.”

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