Dovibe Wants to be Uganda’s Informative Social Network


Social-NetworkingA Kampala startup called  Vibe Labs is set to launch a new social network for those who are tired of Facebook, Twitter and the likes and allow them to network with ease and with a great fun experience.

Wagaba Mike, Co-founder Vibe Labs told TechMoran, “DoVibe is a social network app that is designed to make networking between people a much easier and fun experience. This is achieved by its intriguing features like vibes and the nudge that make interactions between people much easier with minimum effort yet very informative.”

The app is currently available for only Android users on Google Play Store with an iOS version coming up soon.

According to Wagaba, doVibe helps users stay connected and upbeat with their friends and can know what their friends are up to at any moment and share with them what they are also up to like if one is watching a movie, he can find friends who are watching that movie too, or if they are going out, they can find friends doing the same.
The app is beta has allows users to share exactly what they are doing so as their friends can join then, users can also see their friends’ “vibes” and interact with them and as well share photos and events. And users don’t have to sign up!