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Here’s How to Get Hired Faster Minus a Job Interview

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brightermondayrContrary to what we all know, over 50% of jobs are filled through networks.  This is where a job arises and one is hired because of a positive recommendation.  It saves the company time and money and let’s admit, we are all comfortable working and doing business with people we know, like and trust.
Networking is not corruption
And before you raise your machette, this is not corruption.
Emmanuel Mutuma, BrighterMonday‘s Marketing Manger told TechMoran, “Networking is always important, one should always share ideas with individuals in the same space. You will always find good value from new people and that acts as your network for any future opportunities that may arise.”
Another expert, speaking to TechMoran, Perminus Wainaina from Corporate Staffing Services also agrees with Mutuma.
“(Networking)It’s not corruption! The world works that way. Another common scenario is with professions that require specialized skills; some of our clients have identified candidates and asked us to pursue them (head hunting) having known their expertise and hence the value they will bring on board.”

According to Wainaina, anyone can be hired minus going through the pain of an interview by investing in their networks and getting the necessary skills.

Deliver with or without papers

“Many Kenyans are busing going back to class as opposed to getting the skills,” says  Wainaina. ” Employers, especially the SMEs and medium corporates are not interested in your papers but in what you can deliver. I have hired accountants with CPA only at better salary than those with a Bcom combination. In my career as a recruiter for top medium-sized firms, 99% of our clients are looking for technical skills. Only 1% has asked for an MBA.”

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brightermondayOn networking, Wainaina advises job seeekers to be like entrepreneurs that appreciate the value of getting out, mingling with like-minded professionals and being visible. He asks users to to join professional associations and don’t just join, participate and just contribute to your profession by volunteering and mentoring others.

Be a brand and an expert

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“Be a brand. Don’t just take care of your employer. Devote some time every week to plot how to advance your career.  Work on this and opportunities will seek you out,” says Wainaina.

For one to stand out, they have to have great skills which entails knowledge, ability, training , and the type of employer matters. They have to have self swareness-know themselvesand know the value they can add to a company. You will also need leadership skills and the aility to lead and motivate.

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Mutuma agrees too that everyone should position themselves as experts in whichever field they are in.

“If you are a professional in any field, you should always position yourself as an expert and always attend events that are relevant in your career.”

Confidence too, is a great thing.
“Confident employees don’t settle with the status quo. They question the system, way of doing things, what customer needs etc.  They even seek answers from their bosses, not in arrogant way but in a way showing that they have the company interest at heart. They also tell it like it is and management knows they can trust them to implement (hard) decisions and in getting feedback.” says Wainaina.

Mutuma agrees.

“One should always be confident in their area of expertise and be willing to share relevant info, it could be on a wider perceptive but should always remain relevant,” he concludes.


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