Tanzanian Supermarket To Produce Its Own Electricity





Food Lovers Market, new to Tanzania’s supermarket industry says it will be generating its own electricity. This they say will minimize operational costs and yield higher returns.

The supermarket will be doing this through solar power and has already made installations. Food Lovers Store will be opened officially in February 2015.

The solar installation made by Germany-based Deea Solution, a subsidiary off Deutsche Eco AG, assures the investor of enough electricity even during times of possible interruption from state-generated power.

Food Lovers Market managing director Keven Stander said with solar energy, the company hopes to save about Tsh6 million every year on energy.

According to the senior project manager for Deea Solution, Uwe Hennemeier, it took them about five days to install the solar system and it is expected to work for 20 years before it starts losing some efficiency in terms of performance.

“After working for 20 years, the system will start losing between five and 10 percent of the efficiency in the modules, at that point maintenance will be required,” he said.

The Food Lovers Market solar roof project in Tanzania is part of the worldwide ‘dena Solar Roofs Programme’ coordinated by Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH — the German Energy Agency — and co-financed by the German Federal ministry for Economic Affairs within the initiative of ‘renewables –Made in Germany’.

The chairman of superior board of Deutsche Eco AG, Dr Gerd Jakoh, said Tanzania had a lot of potential renewable energy solutions. So far, the country’s installed capacities of renewable energy solutions are low – blaming the trend on harsh laws governing electricity generation and distribution. “The legal system is not conducive to private sector players in the energy sector since power can only be distributed by Tanesco.”