#MyPresidentMyChoice Backfires | Fails to Counter #StoptheDrunkPresident


Uhuru-Kenyatta1After Kenya’s president President Uhuru Kenyatta and Thandie Ojeer, an Abu-Dhabi-based PR and branding personality took a selfie on Sunday Kenyans went on Twitter comparing what he was doing and what was happening back home.

As the commander in chief, and president, Kenyans felt he was out of touch with reality; this was fueled by the cruel killing of 32 non-muslim Kenyans travelling home from Mandera by Al- Shabaab terrorists over the weekend. The selfie with Claude Makelele’s alleged ex forgotten, the president is alleged to have issued questionable remarks over insecurity in the country and especially surrounding the rape of a three year-old.

The hashtags were also fueled by others demanding to see the bodies of the 100 terrorits killed by security forces as alleged by the deputy president, others went offline and held a demo outside the deputy president office.

#MyPresidentMyChoice was aimed at potraying the president as responsible and one who cares for Kenyans and was ready to do anything for them. It aimed to ride on the popularity the president enjoys on the continent especially after a recently launched magazine named him the most popular in Africa-also ironically aiming to ride on his popularity.

Below is part of the Tweet storm for you;









The hashtag had been launched to counter #StoptheDrunkPresident which unfortunately is still trending.