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by Sam Wakoba
0 comment, has launched in Kenya to give users doses of hilarity everyday shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram among others and just about everything trending in the country.

According to  Njuru Mwangi the founder, “ Ikonini was founded on the idea that I did love to laugh away every evening or morning when I got to my desk. I had to scramble to people’s Twitter timelines and find all the images that have been trending. I did not want to miss any. Then I would go to facebook look for the funny images and like them through then from there I would finally go to instagram and double tap on all the funny photos and videos.”

Njuru says that staying on Twitter looking for hilarious updates quickly became hectic as it entailed so much to do just to find his daily dose of laughter and he decided to launch Ikonini to let people share their daily dose of humor online easily.

IMG_20141127_114606 Ikonini is currently on closed beta where people cannot create profiles and the media can only be posted by the admins but come December 1st anyone can create a profile and post media there. The policy is simple find it fun? Post it no major regulations as per now though we do not approve any pornographic or graphic media on the platform.

“A User will not have to use their real identities and can use their aliases. There will be a rating platform for the users and they can have their bragging rights on posting the funniest media. There will be a giveaway every month for the “Post of the month” which gets most views on our site. More details to be announced later on,” Njuru told TechMoran.

The 9gag-like site currently focuses on Kenya as 9gag relates to the people in some specific geographical areas e.g A kanyari meme would not make much sense to the people in America or outside Kenya. The site’s revenue model is basically advertising and sponsored content.



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