Uganda’s Storipot Wants to be the Country’s Best News Aggregator


1511904_1516290241979774_6271070122216607129_nIn days when everyone is turning online for news and information or just stories to read, and at a time when everyone with a smartphone is a publisher, Uganda’s Storipot is set to launch to select the best stories for its readers everyday.

A project by our friends at (Formerly the new aggregator aims to provide readers with headlines of the latest stories curated from websites and blogs by or about Uganda and help readers avoid the ‘noise’ that internet has become.

Stil not yet live, Storipot aims to filter through the noise of the  vast online publications and instead give users a summary of the day’s most important stories on a single page.

“We are currently doing this through clever computer algorithms that routinely crawl through our large database of more than 200 Ugandan content sources, analyze and gauge the most compelling content on the web,” said the team behind Storipot.

Though the team is depending in code to make curating of stories less cumbersome, it says the it won’t leave out human judgement.

10647204_1516290475313084_3845935976114903437_n“Storipot also employs human editorial curation mechanisms. With a team of long-time experienced bloggers and journalists, we sieve through the blogosphere to discover and bring you a selection of the best of Ugandan blogging that would otherwise go unnoticed,” the team announced.

Storipot will compete a number of both local and Pan-African news aggregators such as among others but launching a locally relevant aggregator still makes huge sense.