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Black Friday: Jumia records Over 1,500,000 visits and Tenfold Increase In Sales In 24 hours

by Sam Wakoba
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JUMIA, Africa’s largest online retailer, kicked off “Black Friday” offering special deals and discounts of up to 75% across its large assortment of products, including best-selling electronic devices, home and living products, groceries, service deals, sport products and toys.

Within 24 hours, JUMIA reached an all-time peak in sales as tens of orders were placed on the website every second, seeing an extraordinary tenfold increase in total number of orders compared to Black Friday 2013. Jumia Nigeria also recorded over 1.5 million visits to their website in a single day, numbers which point to the fact this is the highest recorded for any website in Nigeria.

Customers’ favorite deals sold out within a few hours, it consisted of flatscreen TVs, digital cameras and ventilation systems. Over 50% of the visitors accessed the site through a mobile device via Android , iOS and other mobile chat channels.

JUMIA’s Top Three Sold Items

1.  Innjoo i1s Black

2.  Samsung UA 32 eh

3. Infinix Zero

“Last year’s Black Friday was already a huge success and we always aim to offer our customers the best deals and prices. That’s why we have more than doubled the amount of items included this year, establishing JUMIA as the ultimate, one-stop destination for Black Friday shoppers. This year, we experienced a massive increase in traffic in all countries. Black Friday and similar events help to educate the market and further underline the megatrend of online shopping in Africa.” says Jeremy Hodara, Co-CEO Africa Internet Group.

Jeremy Doutte, Co-CEO Jumia Nigeria spoke about the event saying, “We are very pleased with the outcome of the Black Friday event as a company and we deeply thank every single customer that visited and also purchased from our website. Constantly we do our best to put Nigeria on the world map and today we certainly did! The traffic to our website was unprecedented and it is amazing to see the value we are bringing to Nigerians and the nation as a whole. As with many previous successes, there are always things to learn and we can assure Nigerians to look forward to more rewarding shopping experiences with the nation’s number 1 online retailer, as we see such lessons as a window of opportunity to provide our customers with greater value”.

JUMIA is part of Africa Internet Group (AIG) (formerly Africa Internet Holding), a leading Internet group in Africa with 9 companies in 26 countries. AIG is owned by three global experts in e-commerce and African markets: MTN, Millicom (Tigo) and Rocket Internet. JUMIA operates in 10 markets.

About Black Friday

The “Black Friday” originated from the U.S. and from the phenomenon that takes place after the day of thanksgiving when retailers see a pike in sales. The day became the biggest shopping day of the year with retailers offering discounts and special deals. Now, “Black Friday” is a global movement and Africans search for the best deals and discounts they would otherwise not get on a regular day.

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