OLX Is Now In Uganda




Online classified platform, OLX has announced its entry into the Ugandan market by unveiling it’s free portal for buying and selling unused goods and services; www.olx.co.ug.

OLX Kenya Country Manager, Peter Ndiang’ui expressed his joy at the company finally being able to embark on this venture. “OLX has seen tremendous success in the countries in which we are present. Kenya is on the lead with 98 percent brand awareness, meaning almost everybody knows OLX and can tell you what it is about. this is the kind of response we hope and know we will get from Uganda,” he said.

Uganda is the third market in east Africa to launch olx after Kenya and Tanzania. The two sister countries are experiencing a fast growth in internet penetration and usage as they adopt new ways of doing business and connecting with the world. “today, many people are looking at conducting business in the virtual world as opposed to the physical one because of the numerous benefits the internet has brought to mankind,” Ndiang’ui added.