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PayPal Wants to Simplify Your Shopping this Festive Season

by Sam Wakoba
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hero-Paypal-670x350As the festive season jets in, shopping malls will be full of delighted families shopping and meeting with their families and friends and their loved ones. To avoid all this confusion, most Nairobi shoppers are turning to their mobile phones to shop.

Internet gives users the freedom to shop anywhere and at any time but the only disadvantage is the thousands of criminals who want to take advantage of online shoppers who ignorantly leave their credit information on online shopping sites.

PayPal, a US-digital wallet aims to end that.

PayPal facilitates online shopping globally and safely by powering online payments to millions of websites in the world. The firm safely allows users to shop online minus using their using their bank or credit card details. With PayPal, online merchants like Amazon, eBay, NewEgg and millions of others can be accessed by shoppers globally  and irrespecitive of their currency allow them to receive payments for the goods minus ambigous bank procedures.

This festive season, the firm is powering millions of transactions daily from across the globe, making trade possible. PayPal is also secure as it does not expose users credit card information to the public or to the website someone is buying from. Criminals’ target users who visit random sites and leave their financial details on it then access their accounts and steal from them.  However, PayPal allows users to make financial transactions online by granting them the ability to transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses safely.

In case anything happens. The firm’s Seller Protection Policy protects sellers from chargebacks or complaints as long as the goods were delivered. According to the firm, the Seller Protection Policy protects sellers against claims by buyers of unauthorized payments and against claims of non-receipt of any merchandise.

On security, PayPal also has an optional security key that require user account to key in a security key to log into their accounts. After entering one’s login ID and password, users are required to key in a six-digit code send to them via mobile phone or on the log in screen. According to the firm, the two-factor authentication makes it difficult for criminals to compromise any account.

Merchants can also use the “PayPal Here, a free mobile app and a small card-reader for use by merchants with smart phones to accept payments. PayPal’s  Mass Payment helps users receive online payments electronically. Users of the Mass Payment feature enables users to transfer their money to a checking account, send money to friends, or shop online.

As merchants, records are mandatory. PayPal helps users minimize their accounting paperwork with a downloadable transaction history. Users can reconcile their accounts easily automatically.

Companies as well as individuals can use PayPal to send payments to many recipients at once, send payments to recipients in different countries and currencies, pay fees only when you send a payment, receive money online, and convert their money to currencies supported by PayPal.

So whether you are in Kenya or South Africa, PayPal is still great for you.

As a buyer,  you will never miss out on any auction sale globally, and even pay for them easily.   As a buyer, there are no costs associated with sending money via Paypal. Apart from the easy sign up process, Paypal Buyer Credit allows users to get credit right from the Paypal site and has low interest offers.

To use PayPal, you only need an email address or phone number so does the recipient and the great thing is there are many retailers that accept Paypal online and users can also sign up for Paypal Debit Card.

Just in case anything goes wrong, users are protected by PayPal. The firm refunds all its users money in case they loose it during transactions or suppose one doesn’t get their goods delivered or the one’s you ordered for, PayPal will refund the money.

For sellers, PayPal opens shoppers from anywhere from around the world. Sellers pay no monthly or setup fees and users don’t accept or receive any money, they don’t pay even a cent. PayPal offers sellers tips to increase sales and Autions Tools to make selling easier. PayPal takes care of the after auction “paperwork”. The buyer is sent directly from the winning auction to Paypal to pay for your items, and shipping and handling and insurance are inserted for you according to your eBay auction guidelines.  You can accept money from anyone who has an email address or a phone number. PayPal notifies you when your monthly statement is ready, which makes it easy to remember to log in and take a look.


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