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[Digital Migration]How to choose which set-top box decoder to buy

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How to choose set top box decorder

No matter what you read or hear on the news digital migration is a blessing in disguise if you have ever wanted to have affordable high speed internet in your home for only 200 bob a month like it is in INDIA you should be advocating for the migration.

If you have ever wanted to watch more channels than the 12 or something we currently have here consider digital migration. At first we will have poor content but as time goes the content will mature to more likeable and popular channels, like what Nat Geo has done for DSTV.

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I know we still have a long way to get there but with proper implementation we can catch up to countries like Germany that migrated in 2005 much faster.

To start us of here are a few things to consider when buying your decoder.

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  1. Forget about pricing as ask about the specifications
  2. Almost everything in the digital sphere is value based; if it cost more it’s probably of better quality or service.
  3. Specification of the packages being offered,
  4. Free Add on services, free Arial or dish, set-up cost, internet
  5. Customer care, after sale service – ask around for reviews.
  6. Terrestrial or Satellite

Terrestrial or Satellite

I feel the need to explain this as it’s a very vital factor to consider,

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Terrestrial signal are transmitted using boosters and are captured using the normal Arial (antenna) and they  vary from on geographical location to the other depending on physical objects like buildings , mountains , distance from the transmitter etc., if you use an Arial on top of the roof, that’s terrestrial.  Examples of available set-top boxes are



Bamba Tv

Satellite signal are transmitted using satellites in outer space and are captured using satellite dishes, like what DSTV uses. This is the best option if you have money to spend, less interactions, more channels but at a higher cost for the packages.


Azam Tv

Star Sat

Zuku TV

Personal opinion

All factors considered I will opt for star times decoder for terrestrial based on personal experience and complains on the GoTv side, however if GoTv can get their act together both in pricing and signal its a good option. Remember to ask for reviews from your neighbourhood , terrestrial signal varies from place to place

DSTV for satellite however Azam Tv is tempting based on value for money charged, for ksh 800 per month they have a sweet deal





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