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CEO Weekends: Kenyan legislator to face the law after social media hate speech

MOSES KURIAGatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria will now have to face the full force of the law over remarks made on social media after the National Cohesion and integration Commission pulled out of reconciliatory talks that involved the MP and the Law Society of Kenya.

The development comes only days after the legislator offered to have the matters settled out of court through a conciliatory process that involved him apologizing to the whole country verbally and via national newspapers.

After a sitting held yesterday the commission concluded, “While the commission believes that the accused is innocent until proven guilty as well as the freedom of expression as guaranteed under Article 33 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Commission has regretfully observed that the Hon. Kuria has not exhibited a conciliatory demeanor in his social media accounts.”

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“While the conciliation process has been in progress, Hon. Kuria has continued to post material on his social media accounts that in the opinion of the commission may cause disharmony and are in contradiction of the spirit of conciliation,” read another part of their statement.

Now they want the legislator to face the full force of the law.

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