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Cheki launches flexipay to allow car buyers pay in installments

by Sam Wakoba
unnamed(1)One Africa Media’s Cheki Kenya, an online car classified portal has launched Flexipay, an affordable payment plan for selected cars on its site, a move expected to double up sales for its car dealers and allow you and me buy a car of our choice.
The firm says the feature will launch soon on its platform

Elaine Mathangani, Cheki Kenya Marketing Manager, told me,””FlexiPay” means that the buyer can deposit a certain amount drive away with the car after agreeing with the dealer on a convenient payment plan. Flexipay targets dealers who may need more customers. And also buyers who need a payment plan to buy a car”

Not all dealers might sign up to accept Flexipay so Cheki says only cars that have a Flexipay tag fall under the installment payment option. The firm says the move only aims to facilitate and enhance the car buying experience and as well help dealers sell as many cars as possible. Buying in installments will of course increase the percent of sales for any dealer and give buyers the ability to stretch their limited resources to foot for their other needs.
Cheki is the first platform to launch this initiative in the country and also has a car loans option on its website pegged on salaried employees.
Rocket Internet’s Carmudi,  a Cheki direct competitor has launched across the region and is likely to go live in Kenya this year.

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