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Kenya’s Fortis Innovations & Nigeria’s Nerve Mobile among Tech Trailblazers Winners

by Caroline Vutagwa
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After announcing the voting for competitions a few weeks ago, Kenya’s Fortis Innovations and Nigeria’s Nerve Mobile.com are among the Tech Trailblazers Awards winners this year.

The two were named with another from Mexico as Emerging Markets Runners up. Other contenders came include startups from Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States…

Tech Trailblazers Awards Third Edition Winners

Winning Big Data Trailblazer

– ParStream (@ParStream), www.parstream.com – CA, USA [Retaining the title from 2013]

Big Data Runners up

– EnergyDeck (@EnergyDeck), www.energydeck.com – London, UK

– NGDATA (@NGDATA_com), www.ngdata.com – New York, USA

– SQream Technologies (@SQreamTech), www.sqreamtech.com – Ramat Gan, Israel


Winning Cloud Trailblazer

– SimpliVity (@SimpliVityCorp), www.simplivity.com – Boston, USA

Cloud Runners up

– Perspecsys (@Perspecsys), www.perspecsys.com – London, UK

– RackWare (@RackWare), www.rackwareinc.com – CA, USA

– SaltStack (@SaltStackInc), www.saltstack.com – Utah, USA


Winning Emerging Markets Trailblazer

– Temasys Communications (@Temasysrtc), www.temasys.com.sg – Singapore

Emerging Markets Runners up

– Fortis Innovations (@FortisKenya), www.fortisinnovations.com – Nairobi, Kenya

– Nerve (@NerveMobile) www.nervemobile.com – Lagos, Nigeria

– Sr. Pago (@SrPagoOficial), www.srpago.com – Álvaro Obregón, Mexico


Winning FinTech Trailblazer

– Percentile (@pcentile), www.percentile.co.uk – London, UK

FinTech Runners up

– Copsonic (@CopSonic), www.copsonic.com – Montauban, France

– 6Fusion (@6fusion), www.6fusion.com – North Carolina, USA

– Sr. Pago (@SrPagoOficial), www.srpago.com – Álvaro Obregón, Mexico


Winning IOT Trailblazer

– Oort (@Oort_in), www.oort.in – CA, USA

IOT Runners up

– Cyberlightning (@Cyber_lightning), www.cyberlightning.com – Oulu, Finland

– EnergyDeck (@EnergyDeck), www.energydeck.com – London, UK

– Flying Binary (@FlyingBinary), www.flyingbinary.com – London, UK


Winning Mobile Trailblazer

– Jmango (@Jmango360), www.jmango.net – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mobile Runners up

– Bluebox Security (@BlueboxSec), www.bluebox.com – CA, USA

– FieldAware (@FieldAware), www.fieldaware.com – Texas, USA

– Purple WiFi Ltd (@PurpleWiFi), www.purplewifi.com – Ashton Under Lyne, UK


Winning Networking Trailblazer

– Sideband Networks (@SidebandNet), www.sidebandnetworks.com – CA, USA

Networking Runners up

– CENTRI Technology (@CentriTech), www.centritechnology.com – Washington, USA

– Fedr8 (@Fedr8), www.fedr8.com – Surrey, UK


Winning Security Trailblazer

– ZeroFOX (@ZeroFOX), www.zerofox.com – Baltimore, USA

Security Runners up

– Bluebox Security (@BlueboxSec), www.bluebox.com – CA, USA

– Crypho (@getCrypho), www.crypho.com – Harpunveien, Norway

– Cyberlytic Limited (@CyberlyticUK), www.cyberlytic.com – London, UK


Winning Storage Trailblazer

– SolidFire (@SolidFire) – www.solidfire.com – Colorado, USA

Storage Runners up

– DataGravity (@DataGravityInc) – www.datagravity.com – New Hampshire, USA

– PernixData (@PernixData) – www.pernixdata.com – CA, USA

– Silicon Safe (@SiliconSafe) – www.siliconsafe.com – Cambridge, UK


Winning Sustainable IT Trailblazer

– Eco4Cloud (@Eco4Cloud), www.eco4cloud.com – Rende CS, Italy

Sustainable IT Runners up

– EnergyDeck (@EnergyDeck), www.energydeck.com – London, UK

– Upside Energy (@UpsideEnergy), www.upside.com – Cheshire, UK


Winning Virtualization Trailblazer

– Pluribus Networks (@PluribusNet), www.pluribusnetworks.com – CA, USA

Virtualization Runners up

– DataGravity (@DataGravityInc), www.datagravity.com – Nashua, USA

– PernixData (@PernixData) – www.pernixdata.com m– CA, USA

– VMTurbo (@VMTurbo), www.vmturbo.com – Boston, USA

Rose Ross, Chief Trailblazer and founder of the Tech Trailblazers Awards, said “Congratulations to this year’s winners – the standard of startups and their products continues to impress our judges and the tech voting public, and we are delighted to award this year’s tech champions the Tech Trailblazer title. The spirit of the Tech Trailblazers Awards is to reward innovation, and encourage ongoing success. Our winners and runners up join the exclusive billion dollar Tech Trailblazers club of other winning alumni who have raised a total $630+ million in funding since becoming Tech Trailblazers. The average VC funding round has been a cool 28.6 million dollars! A number of others from our winning circle have successfully secured $500+ million exit via acquisition to the likes of Dropbox, Oracle, SANdisk and Zimbra. ”

Next week, the competition will unveil the winners of Firestarter Trailblazers and the Regional Cups – stay tuned!


The Tech Trailblazers Awards Fourth Edition will open to entries later in 2015. Please email [email protected] to be notified as soon as the awards are open to entries or follow the Tech Trailblazing buzz on twitter by following @techtrailblaze and #TTAwards.



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