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The First Smartcard Manufacturing Plant In Africa Launched In Nigeria

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Nigerian company, SecureID Limited, has just launched its SecureCard Manufacturing Plant in Lagos. Accordingto the company, it is the very first of its kind in the continent and is capable of producing 200 million polycarbonate smartcard per year in line with global standards.

SecureID limited further said that the plant has been tested by foreign test labs and certified by MasterCard, Visa and Verve for all kinds of smartcards production, and is equipped with ultramodern facilities and employs “Special Security Design” software to design unlimited security features that can be used for any ID document including currency note.

The Managing Director of Secure ID Limited, Kofo Akinkugbe, said the smartcard manufacturing plant was set up in collaboration with the global leader in this industry, Gemalto.

“On this journey, we have moved from being a card personalisation plant to a world-class plant for the local manufacture of the cards instead of depending on imports. Seventy-five percent of our raw materials have the potential to be produced locally and we have a project team engaged with industry experts in this area already.

“Over the two years of the project, we have invested heavily in our people who have undergone extensive training in and outside Nigeria and this very capable team and this facility is one that every Nigerian should be proud of,” she added.

The Vice President, Government Programme, Gemalto, Charles Mevaa, said, “I really appreciate SecureID for the decision to work with us for the supply of world-class manufacturing equipment and related services.

“This plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art machines and ready to operate with most advanced technology and manufacturing processes capable of delivering high security level requirements.

The company said the manufacturing plant would contribute to the growth and development of the nation’s economy in various ways such as in job creation, technology transfer as well as skilled manpower, capacity development and reduction in capital flight in line with the Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan.

“This further opens up opportunities for entrepreneurship as approximately 75 per cent of raw material used for the manufacturing of smartcards are made from petrochemical products that can be sourced locally in the next three to four years if supported by the Federal Government. It also reduces the strain on foreign exchange as clients will be more competitively positioned because of the proximate benefits,” it said.

SecureID added that one important benefit of producing smartcards locally was the security of Nigeria’s citizens’ data and infrastructure, offering the benefit to create and own all the technology on our smartcards without dependence on control from outside the country.

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