Treasury pilots IFMIS e-procurement for state corporations

President during the launch of e-procurement in August

 UHURU KENYATTA Following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive last August to have procurement in public entities automated, the National Treasury has rolled out IFMIS e-Procurement to State corporations on a pilot basis.

The new system will be deployed in 19 parastatals and is expected to streamline procurement in government agencies while saving the tax payer money in the process.

“Over the first week of February, IFMIS teams started visiting State corporations that are housed by the National Treasury to begin deploying IFMIS. We need cooperation to achieve this particular objective,” said IFMIS Director Jerome Ochieng’.

Ochieng said that they will deploy teams in all of the 19 State corporations to help them with the implementation of the IFMIS e-Procurement program which will be undertaken in phases with the first phase being the 19th corporations under the National Treasury.

At the moment, most government bodies use manual procurement methods which are not only time consuming and tedious but are also prone top manipulation.