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Malawian government denies state house computers were hacked

CybercrimeMalawi’s state house has denied news by the National Newspaper that alleged someone had hacked into  statehouse computers saying that the man had instead impersonated the president.

In a press statement, Acting Presidential Press Secretary, Timpunza Mwansambo said “Hacking is the practice of modifying the features of a computersystem in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose which the arrested man did not do. The man has so far been charged with impersonation by the Malawi Police Services, contrary to assertions that he hacked the computer systems as alleged in the news article.”

He added that with technology people can create email accounts using a fake name and that is not hacking and the man who was impersonating State President Prof. Peter Mutharika had created an email address

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“As we are aware, the State President’s Surname does not have an “h” at the end. The suspect had other fake email addresses which include;

“All these do not belong to the state president, the state house or theoffice of the president and cabinet. This man who Nation Newspaper alleges to have hacked state house computers was arrested by the Malawi Police for impersonating the President by communicating with his victims through these fake email addresses and not hacking the state house computer,” he said.

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