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Kenya’s SaniCMS wants to the next big church management system

by Sam Wakoba
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big-data1There are a number of church management systems in the market but going live this March, SaniCMS aims to help church leaders minister effectively and manage their money and flock efficiently regardless of their size.

The church management system helps church leaders to manage and work together by enhancing communication and record keeping between the flock the leaders.

According to the founders Sarah Kinya and David Bwire, SaniCMS wants to help users consolidate all their membership information in one easy-to-use platform and to find it back instantly or just send bulk or targeted communication to a small group of say the youth only, members of a certain department or ministry or an age group or people of shared interest say those who love authors like Keneth E hagin or Charles G Finney.

Speaking to TechMoran, David Bwire said, “We realized that churches are left behind technologically and the systems out there are made for Sacco’s and not customised for them. We decided to build a system to help churches manage their members efficiently, collaborate and as well manage their finances well.”

As a super user or an admin, one can group their members by ministries, departments, age groups or shared interests and send out targeted communication to inspire, nurture, remind and uplift them. Users can also use the system to get Valuable Insights or just monitor church growth, church composition, member involvement in groups and many more,” says David. “Users can also collaborate by inviting their team members to help out with tasks or assigned roles to manage and add other people.”

SaniCMS is hugely similar to other platform’s like Sematime which runs SMS communication for schools and corporate firms in Kenya.

Apart from membership record management and communication, SaniCMS can also help run the financials of any church by helping users keep an Address Book of all member visits and contributions. Managers can also monitor and identify members and visitors so that they can mentor them and track their spiritual growth or

The beauty of it all is that users can use the system to send personalised invitations, reminders, inspirational messages or urgent communication to individuals or groups across all networks at the touch of a button all a users needs to do is register as administrators so they can add members to their groups as  bulk excel file or as individual numbers.

After signing up, adminstrators can choose the right monthly or annual plan for their organization or simply begin with the 14-day free trial.

A basic package of SaniCMS is Ksh. 475/month for upto 100 members, a Plus package at Ksh. 950/month and for upto 100 members, unlimited groups, unlimited funds, ability to manage tithes and pledges among others.

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