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Lamudi launches ‘Dial 4 Home’ hotline to capture offline property-seekers

by Sam Wakoba

Lamudi01Rocket Internet-backed online property marketplace Lamudi has today officially launched its offline toll free hotline to help simplify access to real estate services to its users in Kenya, Nigeria and several other markets.

The ‘dial for a home’ is for offline/ non internet users while its website and apps will cater for online property hunters. The Dial 4 Home (D4H) hotline (The D4H number 0800 721 301 for those in Kenya and Dial-4-Home hotline on 07000 526834 for those in Nigeria. The toll free number which house-hunters can call to inquire about properties for sale or rent.

Lamudi last year gave users a toll free number to call to list or inquire about properties. Seems it worked and now the firm wants to take the toll free public to democratise property search. The toll free service is a big move and it won’t be long before all the property sites unveil similar toll free numbers.

Being this side of the world, most property agents and house hunters call this firms to list their property or inquire about a property for sell or rent; so this move is not totally new or innovative but anything as long as branded can work magic.

The firm says users will be able to get over-the-phone access to property listings from over 1000 agents, developers and small agents. The service will also cater for agents who want to list their properties with Lamudi over the phone. The phone number is open to all users looking for property, as well as those wanting to list a property or inquire about issues relating to the real estate market.

Lamudi is fighting edge to Edge with One Africa Media’s BuyRentKenya and Anza in Kenya. In Nigeria Lamudi’s competitors include Private Property a One Africa Media firm and Tolet.ng and several other startups.

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