Kenya’s Geothermal Development Company manager arrested for SMS death threat to Star Editor


Eric Wamanji an executive at the Geothermal Development Company was yesterday arrested by police from Parklands police station and recorded a statement for allegedly sending a death threat to Charles Kerich an Editor at the Star newspaper.

“It is high time you stop publishing those stupid GDC stories or we silence you once and for all in our own way. Kwani Simiyu ate your mother’s money (sic)? He is in power to stay, he has blessings from the house on the hill (read state house) and you will never fight him even with a million stories.”

The start reports that Wamamni was referring to allegations of mismanagement and irregularities at GDC, whose chief executive is Silas Simiyu.

The message in question came from mobile phone number 0731044999 which the police traced to Wamanji, the assistant manager in charge of Corporate Affairs.

Officers from the Criminal Investigations Department(CID) arrested Wamanji at the GDC offices in Upper Hill, Nairobi, after he failed to present himself at the station.

The operations at the GDC are under probe from parliament with  The Justice and Legal Affairs Committee two weeks ago gaving the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission until March 31 to conclude investigations into allegations of procurement irregularities worth billions of shillings at GDC.

The National Assembly has also directed the EACC, chaired by Mumo Matemu, to investigate two incidences of financial impropriety.

One involves the award of tenders to a company, the Bonafide Clearing and Forwarding Company, to move its rigs, and the other alleged gross staff mismanagement.

“This matter has been dragging on for a long time. The EACC and the DPP are crucial in the fight against corruption; we met them and they gave an assurance to conclude the matter so that the lords of corruption can be prosecuted,” Legal Affairs Committee chairman Samuel Chepkonga said.sms-blue