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Gamurs wants to be a ‘Facebook for Gamers’


hamursJust recently launched in BETA, Gamurs is promising to be the Ultimate Gaming Social Network for gamers across the world by helping passionate gamers share their content, meet likeminded players, and keep up to date with all their games, in one site.

After Twitch, GAMURS is launching to be the most powerful, dedicated platform for gamers to freely engage with each other, share games and victories online like Facebook has been for baby photo’s!

Gamurs allows users to integrate their PSN, Xbox Live and Steam accounts to create the ultimate gaming profile and won’t need to sign up on anyother gaming accounts anymore.

The ‘Facebook for gamers’ says it has thousands of games in its game database, so users can share their gaming experience with as many people as they want and as well connect to whoever is playing that game and share their opinion instantly. Gamurs is also promising unparalleled focus on content allowing users to put Youtube, Twitch, Steam, PSN, Xbox Live and daily news into one and they can share it with friends.

Users can also access any data about any game or event happening at the moment and they can instantly join in and for free. As a gamer, one can also show their trophies, achievements and gamerpoints to their friends and family. Sign up and please give them feedback.

Gamurs is based in Sydney Australia.