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CEO Weekends: Coast Online wants to be the Mocality for businesses in Kenya’s tourist city

by Sam Wakoba

cansddCoast Online Kenya is an online business directory in the Kenyan Coastal region with over 100,000 listings. has over 500,000 unique visitors each month and is the fastest growing local search site.

Apart from business listings, is also a major source of business startup ideas, business insights, and tourism and travel information.

Visitors can find, discover and review businesses near them
Business owners can list their businesses to increase visibility and sales by attracting new customers and literally directing them to their business premises.
Aspiring entrepreneurs can access various business start-up ideas to help them decide on what ventures to undertake.
Practicing entrepreneurs can access various business tricks and ways to boost or grow their businesses.
Tourists (local and international) can access various travel information regarding the Kenyan coast, to help them plan their travel.

How Coast Online Helps Your Business

business directory in kenya coast

Advertising is a proven way to increase the knowledge of your business, and the internet has become one of the largest mediums that can deliver on the promise of reaching people 24/7 and provide evidence of these visits. Our website gives you statistics that help you monitor how your business listing is gaining traffic.

Many businesses find the cost of developing, maintaining and marketing a website high, time consuming and involving. As such, the power of an online business directory comes into play. Online local directories such as are rapidly becoming the way business are found. They provide businesses an easy solution to a massive audience for a minimal cost.

Over the years, businesses have been listing on printed directories and advertised on media such as TV, Radio and Newspapers. The challenge with this type of advertisement is that there’s no real way to measure how many people have read the ad. Another challenge is that if a business’ details such as contacts or location changes, the listing remains incorrect for the whole of the listing period.

With an online directory such as, you can create a very detailed business profile, add pictures and link to a map for driving directions. This information can be updated at any time, while still being able to monitor the effectiveness of the listing.


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