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WhatsApp voice calling invitations open again

WhatsApp Android users can now invite others to try WhatsApp voice calling after the new invitations were launched on March 25.

The Android Police reports that this is the third time as the popular messaging services has invited users to try voice calling two other times on February 2015 and on 11 March.

Users might have to download the latest version of WhatsApp and to try it out one will have to go to  download WhatsApp for Android 2.12.14.

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While this might be good news to users it should be noted there are security risks involved and users housl be on the look out for messages such as: “Hey, I’m inviting you to try WhatsApp Free Voice Calling feature, click here to activate now.”

The link will direct users to a site where they will take a WhatsApp survey after which they are required to  download applications and software, which contain malware.

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Social media, phishing ewhatsappmails, WhatsApp messages, as well as  scam websites are the main sources of the messages.

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